Sunday, May 2, 2010


I was really stoked to collaborate with Oakley's awesome team for their new ad campaign "Perform Beautifully".  As a LONG time surfer and having so many of my friends who ride on Oakley's team, it was easy for me to fit in with their vibe, that created the feeling that I have been working them with for years...  

We had many, MANY laughs while fighting the gale force winds on the cliffs of San Diego under the sun...  Katrina Hodgens is a serious fitness expert with a beautiful spirit and fantastic sense of humor. We knew when we both pulled avocados out of our bags (never go to a shoot with out one!) that we were going to be great friends :)  She and her partner Karina of TONEITUP!  are the queens of fitness on youtube with tons of clever fitness ideas and delicious health information- check them out and get hooked! 
Another rad day at the office creating with amazing people!


Katrina Hodgens

 Erica (the life of the party!!!) and Katrina

I told you she was the life of the party! 

That's a wrap!

I never stop realizing how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to not miss out of life's most beautiful treasures like this sunset...


My favorite shoots are ones where I get to work with my talented friends and meet new ones as well.
This was the case when shooting with my friend and amazing photographer Erik Almas for The Ritz Carlton last week.  We shot on the floor of the Staples Center (GO LAKERS!) and the beautiful stage of the Nokia theater.  The whole crew was AMAZING. We laughed the whole time we created... 

The Beautiful Sandra and Erik

Sandra and our talented stylist Sarah Stanley

Sandra and our stand in Lion for Felix the Lion who was sadly not allowed on the Staples center floor- boo!

I couldn't resist! How many opportunites does one get to own the floor alone where the LAkers perform their magic?