Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5 Min Beauty!


When I only have 5 minutes to get ready, what are the essential products I should choose out of my jammed packed makeup bag? I always try to pick a couple of products to use but end up taking forever and it makes me late! 

- Journey Junee Filkosky Mahanke

Hi Journey!

Here are my favorite go-to products that offer up a natural, fresh and  pulled together look when time for makeup is limited:

Tinted Moisturizer- I LOVE a good tinted moisturizer because they keep your skin looking healthy not "makeup"y" by depositing enough pigment to even out your skin tone and boosting its hydration.  As a bonus, most of them also offer SPF protection so it's basically a 3-in-1 product which definitely saves you some time. Some of my favorites are from Laura Mercier and Stila because they really do a great job of delivering moister with sheer coverage (that you can layer nicely if you desire more) and have awesome staying power. 

Mascara- This is my "desert island" product! I always, always, ALWAYS have mascara on (even when I surf or workout!) because it really wakes up the face with not much effort. Dior Show is a staple as well as Too Faced- Lash Injection. These mascaras really put on a show by giving you volume, length, and curl. I never leave home with out them!

Blush/Bronzer- Take your pick but definitely choose one. Bronzer is great for bringing nice dimension to your face and giving off a sun kissed look. Nars is a one-stop-shop for both bronzer and blush (I love the multiples!) Blush is a product that so many women shy away from but it can be the bridging product between looking dull or looking fresh.  Brands like Tarte and Smashbox make powder blushes that blend beautifully and also give off a slight shimmer (not glitter) to bring out a gorgeous glow. Just remember that less is ALWAYS more and especially with color on the face!

Lips- The finishing touch! The most important element to bringing out the best in your lips is to HYDRATE them. Fresh makes a killer lip conditioner that smells SO good and also offers SPF. Once your lips are conditioned work your favorite gloss, stain or lipstick on them depending on what kind of finish you want.

Using these products should help to give you a natural, radiant look and  allow you to NOT be late anymore ;) 


(makeup by Roxy)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Christian Chauveau, the academy I attended in Paris was no joke. 
It was 5 days a week, 8 hour days of makeup makeup makeup and all taught in French.
Did I speak French? 
It didn't matter. I understood what was going on and I was loving all of it.
Growing up, I was always using my hands to express creatively. My hands understood how to communicate visuals very comfortably and from this I found a real love for painting and drawing. With a mother who was always into her fashion and beauty (she is an amazing hair stylist) and through discovering my own love for it all, it was inevitable that I would be the friend who would design the makeup on my girlfriends faces for school dances or nights out.  I loved it. I loved seeing my creations and how it made each one of girls feel. 
Eventually that fun hobby of mine turned into a career...

I started working as a professional makeup artist in New York City but I wanted to take it to another level. What better of a situation for a wanderlust girl like me but to pick up and move to another country to gain that "next level." 

It was during my attendance at Christian Chauveau that something special happened.  My hands definitely worked the magic of makeup on a higher level because of my day in day out practice and the incredible instruction from the teachers, excuse me: les professeurs, but that wasn't the biggest tool I took home from mon ècole. 
The real magic was how they trained my eyes to see makeup...
Perfection was taken to a new level. 
Just when I thought I had everything brilliant, one little eyebrow hair would be off, they would fix it and Volià! 
NOW it was perfect.  
Their "photoshop eyes" taught mine to SEE everything and I cannot express enough how valuable this is to my work.

Living in Paris and attending this incredible academy was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Besides the brilliance of what the school had to offer, my surroundings in Paris where a constant source of inspiration. There is so much emotion to that city. From the beautiful architecture to the lovers in the street kissing in a crowd in midday light (something not as commonly seen here in the US) Emotions run wild in Paris and I took it all in. 

There was nothing easy about picking up and moving all my life as a young adult from New York to France. I have never been a fan of easy though so I didn't think twice and left the US.  I did not speak French and friends were limited at first. But I was committed. I would commit myself to being away until... Well, I really had no plan on when I was going to return, I just knew the moment would come to me if it was suppose to. Eventually it did. I came back to America with a fresh stock of inspiration, skills and some serious drive to succeed.  
The memories I took with me while being a student living in Paris are priceless.


I drew inspiration from Venetian masks for an"artistic"face I had to create for school

My sketch idea
(click on images to see larger)

It was shot in black+white by mistake so the colors are not captured but I still adore how it came out.

EVERYTHING was taught in French. I love looking back into my notes. 

My diploma :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Its up and running! My new facebook fan page:

My fan page is a wonderful opportunity for me to be more interactive with all of you that are interested in beauty and fashion!  It won't stop there as my interests don't ;)