Monday, May 2, 2011


Every year various magazines feature a story where they expose celebrities without makeup.  Some of those magazines are tasteless and cruel others actually promote these high profile women from a  positive and TRUE angle.  Well I had the wonderful pleasure to work with PEOPLE MAGAZINE who most definitely spin their story "Not a Drop of Makeup" in a tasteful and REAL light.  

I worked on 4 of the 10 beauties that are featured in the story all of which I put my word on were gorgeous wearing NOT A DROP OF MAKEUP.   What I noticed and loved about all of these women was that they all came to set very comfortable to be wearing nothing but their true face.  Sadly it is so rare to see that these days and especially when its a woman who is constantly in front of cameras.  

I gave each of them an oxygen skin treatment from the amazing skincare line: Intraceuticals.  This brought their already amazing skin to full hydration and a rejuvenated state ready for the camera.  Intraceuticals offers an incredible skincare line outside the oxygen treatments as well and they were the products I used on the girls.   

Although I am a makeup artist who loves color and using makeup as my medium to create art on faces; I am so particular about skincare and approach all of my jobs with full attention and concern to my clients skin before I even start thinking about the makeup.  
After all it is my canvas.  
It was the amazing makeup artist Shu Uemura who's philosophy was "Beautiful Makeup Starts with Beautiful Skin", he couldn't have said it better and this is a philosophy I swear by.  I am so proud that I was a part of a shoot that will hopefully shed light on woman out there to not hide behind their natural beauty but rather own it like these women do.

Here are the shots I worked on in the story: 
"NOT A DROP OF MAKEUP" shot by Don Flood

(click on the photo to enlarge)

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